Website Design and Development

A good website is critical to building a strong online presence and brand creditability. Equally important is generating traffic to your website and engaging with visitors to gather information (email addresses) to better position yourself later to sell your product or service.

Today being mobile-friendly isn’t good enough your website must be optimised for mobile devices and mobile-centric in the user experience. The mobile user experience and engagement is paramount to the success of your website.

At JAZ we focus on custom-built websites with a variety of data analysis and SEO tools. We look at the different personas to your site and the best pathway for them to obtain the information they seek. For us, websites are about creating your digital presence building brand awareness and creditability as well as capturing data and or leads to deliver a return on your investment.

Over the years we have built many different websites. No two websites are the same, every web project has unique goals and requirements. There are no shortcuts to careful planning and scoping to ensure you get the right results.