What are you looking to do?

  • Create a new brand
  • Re-develop or invigorate an existing brand
  • Build brand awareness

Over the years we have created many brands from scratch, redeveloped existing brands, promoted brands and protected brands. Sometimes it can be as simple as providing clarity on brand architecture and strategy.

Whilst we can do a simple logo or freshen up an existing logo, a brand goes much deeper than the iconic mark. Using our unique branding model, we like to work from the inside out starting with the core values and culture of an organisation.

Ultimately the end goal is to create a unique logo or mark that will not only differentiate you in the marketplace but will create an impression of unity, power and strength.

Areas we have helped others include:

  • Developing brands including the name
  • Brand workshops, including key stakeholder engagement
  • Trademarks
  • Logo design & associated graphic
  • Style guides
  • Application of brand internally and in the office/shop fit out
  • Brand strategy and architecture

Brand Reputation

One of the most overlooked areas in branding is brand reputation. Now with the advent of social media brands have global exposure and risk.

Your brand is an important asset and needs to be protected. One of the areas we specialise in is brand reputation and how to protect your brand, particularly in social media. if you want to find out more let’s chat.

View some samples of our work.