Top 10 Toasted Sandwiches to Try in Northbridge

Professional marketers and designers by day, self-proclaimed ‘toastie’ connoisseurs by night.

The JAZ team have put together a list of some of our favourite Northbridge haunts, to satisfy those winter lunch-break cravings. Whether it be a classic grilled cheese, roasted pumpkin on rye, or wild thyme and truffles with Dijon mustard… Northbridge is redefining the art of toastie making, one piece of organic sourdough at a time!

  1. Eillo Store, 218a William Street.
    A gift shop x cafe, at Eillo Store you can’t go past the ‘Daddy Mac’ and all of its gooey mac n’ cheese goodness, or ‘The Sandwich That Has No Name’ –  a toasted sandwich with slow-cooked beef, caramelized onion, and a touch of English mustard.
  2. Livingstone’s Urban Jungle, Perth’s Cultural Centre courtyard, right outside the Art Gallery of WA.
    Manjimup truffles, need we say more? These guys specialise in organic produce, homemade ingredients and mind-blowing combinations: think honey and Star Anise glazed ham, grilled bacon, chipotle sauce and cauliflower cheese, or a 9 hour slow-cooked chilli con carne to top off a triple layer of macaroni and cheese. Prior breakfast not required.
  3. Willie Wagtail, 131 William Street, Perth.
    Our Willie Wagtail favourite? Hands down the ‘Bacon Bad Boy’ toastie, featuring maple glazed bacon, provolone, mozzarella and sweet apple…or the ‘Spicy Mama’ for a Friday afternoon, filled with all the jalapeño goodness, chicken, and chipotle mayo.
  4. Flo Espresso, 15 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge.
    Our favourites at Flo are often filled with the ever popular pulled pork, bulgogi beef, or even kimchi and cheese.
  5. Toastface Grillah, Grand Lane, Perth.
    Toastface Grillah is one of Perth’s worse-kept secrets, providing an ample amount of bread and puns in the form of a good old fashioned toastie. The ‘Pear Grillz’ combines blue cheese with pear and lime chutney, or our favourite ‘Danny Zuccho’ toasts up heavenly brie with prosciutto and zucchini.
  6. Daphne Café, 454 William Street, Northbridge.
    Pickle fans rejoice, some of Perth’s best toasties are made with love and Irish soda bread (and topped with all things pickled and green).
  7. BOO Espresso, 49 Stuart Street, Perth.
    Our go-to toastie from this hole-in-the-wall haunt, has to be BOO’s perfect combination of crispy bacon, melted cheddar and guacamole.
  8. Koffiewinkel, 1/222 James Street, Northbridge.
    We hadn’t even heard of Oaxaca cheese until we tried Koffiewinkel’s famous toasted sandwich… (a cross between unaged Monterey Jack and mozzarella, from Mexico) but it’s quickly become one of our favourite savoury delights in Northbridge.
  9. Polly Coffee Bar, Cultural Centre courtyard, right outside the Art Gallery of WA.
    Lamb tzatziki? Smoked salmon? Polly Coffee Bar provides some of Perth’s best coffee on the go, as well as a whole range of gourmet toasties to tempt every taste-bud.
  10. Get Ya Fix, 1/471 William Street, Perth.
    Perth’s coolest bike shop x brunch bar, Get Ya Fix has steamrolled ahead with the resurgence of our favourite toasted treats – the jaffle. With fillings such as pastrami, sauerkraut, grilled bacon and copious amounts of suisse cheese, if we can eat it on the run – or ride – we’re sold!