Cost Effective Annual Report Solutions!

In our rapidly advancing digital world, tablets, iPads, eReaders and smart phones have taken over as the number one viewing platform. And for a society that always seems to be on the go, our preference for mobile communication has naturally brought forth an age of digital publishing. Up until now, the fluid nature of electronic publications (or ePubs) has made it difficult to maintain the design, look, and feel of more complex publications, such as annual reports.

However, with advances in software and of our ‘know-how’, we can now turn your annual report into an ePub without sacrificing the layout and unique design.

An ePub is much more engaging than a standard PDF, as it;

  • Automatically responds to the different screen sizes of mobile devices,
  • Allows animations, videos and audio files to easily be embedded,
  • Enables you to create an active Contents Page to easily access different sections of the report with a single click,
  • Allows pages to be bookmarked,
  • Can add in active external links to web sites,
  • Can easily share the report through social channels,
  • Requires no need to print, saving you money!

After specialising in annual reports for 24 years, we are proud to say we have them down pat!  For a painless, cost effective annual report call 1300 852 102 for a quote, or check out the sample below.


Entek Annual Report