Leanne Bishop

Title: Web Coordinator
Biography: With a Diploma of Web Development as well as a Diploma of Digital Media, Leanne brings an abundance of knowledge and insight to her role as a JAZ Web Developer. Throughout her career, Leanne broadened her skillset with 10 years’ experience in a small business, paving the way for the business’s online presence, running in line with digital trends. With a passion for the ever-changing, constantly-evolving web industry, Leanne’s strengths lie in matching the practical requirements of projects with the technical solutions, and the highly critical ability to communicate said solutions in a simple and straightforward manner. Outside of the office, Leanne is an aspiring oil painter alongside a novice photographer. As well as the arts, Leanne, an eco-warrior, has a lot of time for the outdoors, spending the rest of her spare time camping, 4-wheel driving, scuba diving and of course, spending quality time with her brood of animals.
Web Coordinator