We build your social media presence by giving it purpose, encourage engagement with your audience through genuine advocacy, and deliver unique experiences across a wide range of platforms.

It seems that new social networking platforms are appearing from behind every corner, which can make it extremely difficult in knowing exactly where to commit your time and resources. One thing is for sure though – social media is here to stay, and investing your time in establishing a strong social media presence is an absolute necessity, not a luxury.

At JAZ our team understands just how crucial it is for a business to build and maintain relationships with their audiences through various platforms. Social media marketing is now a concept that is widely used and accepted by people and businesses all around the world; and remains an excellent promotional tool for businesses if carried out and managed effectively.

At JAZ we provide you with a comprehensive social media strategy plan that embodies core concepts, including:

Content Planning and Production

In order to effectively captivate your audience via social media, it is essential that you can identify the interests in which you share and are somewhat relevant to your business. People are after all, on these platforms for ‘social’ reasons, it is not feasible to use these platforms purely to sell your products and services. JAZ can help you maintain the correct balance between ‘social’ and ‘business marketing’ content, because if you’re going to be socially active it is vital to do so correctly.

Part of our social media strategy plan includes a personalised 12-week schedule, which consists of example posts that you can use for your chosen social media platform. In addition, we also offer design proofs to accompany these posts.

Conversation Management

Social media marketing is risky due to one main reason: you do not have complete control over social media platforms. Of course, you can dictate what type of content gets published on your pages but you can never completely anticipate and control the ‘conversations’ that it will generate.

As part of our social media management service we identify where there are opportunities for your business to be mentioned, and develop ways that helps in adding value to these conversations.

Managing conversations promotes engagement from the audience, which in turn helps create the perception of a reputable and reliable business/brand.

Issue Management

We’ve seen it all before, personal reputations and companies made and ruined in the blink of an eye due to unforeseen circumstances or misinterpreted behaviour that is relayed via social media. It’s certainly the case that with the various opportunities social media marketing presents, it can distract businesses from preparing for the challenges at bay. Part of our social media management service is to identify potential risks wherever possible and to always ensure content released to audience will be well received.

If an issue is to arise we are in a position to appropriately deal with any situation at hand. 

Client Examples

Real Estate (Luke Dawson)

  • 12 Week Facebook Strategy
  • 6 Week Facebook Competition Strategy
  • Comprehensive Social Media Strategy & Plan

Property (Lester Group residential developments: Kingston Private Estate, Rapids Landing)

  • 12 Week Facebook Strategy
  • Adverts and E-Newsletters
  • Comprehensive Social Media Strategy & Plan
  • Social Media Community Management and Consulting