By Deanna Varkanis in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 2: Evolution – Bromide to Plate

As with almost anything in this day and age, there is a history and an art form attached to all aspects of design – from the timely processes of traditional printing, to the clever and current innovations of digital. This evolution has been witnessed by JAZ over the past 25 years, as we too, dipped […]

By Tim Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 1: Genesis

I would like to say that it all began with a well orchestrated business plan and a marketing plan to boot. The reality was, back in 1992 I was between jobs (the result of the recession we had to have), which forced a break in employment and got me thinking about life, work and the […]

By Brock Atkinson in Digital

What Every Website Needs

Websites need… Technically, only a couple of core components are required for a fully functional website. When we explained what websites do, it included a brief discussion about how we require the combination of a correct technological implementation alongside creative content. This article is a continuation of that, but specific to the absolute barebone essentials of a basic website.

By Zoe Langford-Smith in Marketing

Never Overestimate Your Strength, Never Underestimate Your Weakness

Overconfidence in the work place is something we come across as business professionals – particularly in management – as understanding overconfidence can provide great insight into how mistakes are made in a business context, as well as the likely reasons behind them. Firstly, overconfidence works in conjunction with our decision making. Overconfident managers put less […]

By Sandy Jurewicz in Design

What Does Your Logo Say About you?

When starting up any new business, you need to think about a variety of things before the money comes rolling in. One of the most common mistakes that people make when embarking on their new venture, is cutting corners and settling with a “home-made” logo – one that Aunt Carol’s daughter’s, sister’s, best friends’ dog […]

By Brock Atkinson in Digital

What Websites Do

Since the first website went online in 1991, the internet has proliferated to such a level where it has been absorbed into nearly every single industry across Earth. At the time of writing this article, there are more than a billion individual web sites being queried several billion times every single day, spanning some trillions […]

By Cameron Macmillan in Design

Know your Colours

Know Your Colours Used well, colours can bring life, passion and meaning into a piece of design that cannot be achieved by form alone. Conversely, overuse or misuse of colour can leave a design dead in the water. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about that because at JAZ we have a strong […]

By Tim Langford-Smith in Digital

If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Interesting

If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Interesting Like it or not, the world has gone mobile. We are well past the mobile web browsing to desktop tipping point, as it’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing is important; we know it is. Instead, it’s a question of understanding how consumers behave when […]