By Tim Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 10: Making Your Mark

There is some conjecture on the exact origin of branding; Ancient Egyptian tombs portray the branding of oxen and cattle which would date it BC, and the word brand itself is derived from an ancient Norse word, “brandr”, meaning fire or to burn. This meaning has remained constant throughout the centuries, with the literal definition […]

By Sandy Jurewicz in Design

Designer’s Block

On my journey to becoming a graphic designer, no one ever told me how difficult it would be to stay creative all day every day. Some days things just work and the ideas flow faster than you can scribble them down; other days you find yourself researching concepts and ideas with no creative light bulb […]

By JAZ Creative in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 9: JAZ Hands

They say a king cannot rule his country without an army, and an army without its men. The same goes for a business, where the clues that give away its success are often hidden within the people who, in their own individual way, make up the very important pieces of a much larger puzzle.

By Deanna Varkanis in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 8: The Evolution of Marketing

The history of marketing dates back centuries, perhaps even light years: ever since people have had something to sell, there has been a need to put it in front of an audience. From the simple days of the physical marketplace, to the heavily digitalised world of e-commerce, over time the notion of buying and selling […]

By Zoe Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 7: “Mi Casa Es Su Casa”

“My home to your home”. What a beautiful Spanish expression to remind us that life is better when you share, especially when you share your passion. Working in a small business has provided us with the opportunity to meet some incredibly passionate and innovative people from all walks of life. We’ve been blessed to learn […]

By Zoe Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 5: Growing Up With JAZ

For me, it has always been JAZ; life without JAZ is unimaginable. Just as the other half of everything I lived, breathed and experienced as a child was James, to a degree, so was JAZ – it’s a part of our foundation, and has played a significant role in my growth both personally and professionally. […]

By Deanna Varkanis in Marketing

Social Media Smarts and the Art of Authenticity

While it’s natural to want to revel in the delights of the digital age, in between the flood of new trends and information overload it’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd and showcase your arsenal of goods – especially when that crowd is upwards of 2 billion users, and growing by the […]

By Tim Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 4: People & Places

The JAZ studio has over the years ventured far and wide, exploring foreign cities and sinking our teeth into the unknown. We have been fortunate to have had many opportunities present themselves and most importantly we have made new clients and friends in all corners of the globe. As it goes, while Perth will always […]

By Deanna Varkanis in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 3: Welcome to the Digital Age

The world of Web as we know it today is a cosmos of information – a virtual universe, some call it – that sees pages and pages created, embedded and linked together… housing everything from videos, words, photos, and even life in ‘real-time’, to offer an experience unlike any other. The nuts and bolts behind […]