By Deanna Varkanis in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 16: Keeping the Language Alive

The written word holds that of a ubiquitous presence. More so today than at any other point in human history we communicate through the art of language, combining words together to underscore our meaning, our sentiment, our direction and our intent. Over time we’ve become witnesses to a digital revolution that has dramatically impacted the […]

By Deanna Varkanis in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 15: Hidden Resources

As big believers in giving more than we take, among our favourite tidbits and tools we like to share are the ones that we create especially for you – our friends and clients – sans strings, and free of charge. They are the middle children of all our offerings: relatively independent, creative, never really in […]

By Zoe Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 14: The Culture Club

Harnessing a strong organisational culture in any business is crucial, however in small business the impact of culture is undoubtedly amplified. Working with a small team creates transparency, whether intentional or not. The moods, attitudes, and feelings of staff deliver an impact to the overarching value of the business, and it is important to be […]

By Tim Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 13: Maintaining Your Mojo

How do you maintain your mojo? To answer this you have to firstly understand what your mojo is. Your ‘mojo’ is that special quality that makes you successful and full of energy. Or more simply put, it’s your magic: your zip, your pizazz, it’s that spark. So over 25 years in business how do you […]

By Deanna Varkanis in JAZ - 25 years,Marketing

Chapter 12: The Rise of Content Marketing

The concept of content marketing as an effective yet subtle tool of brand promotion actually began in the late 19th century (or perhaps even earlier if you take a look at the Great Moon Hoax of 1835, as published by The New York Sun) alongside the growth in technology, and the desire for companies to […]

By Deanna Varkanis in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 11: Colourful Thinking

We’ve all heard that vague allusion to there being a ‘psychology’ behind colour, but how much do we really know about colours, beyond – well – them making up the broad spectrum of all that shades our world? While the misconceptions surrounding colour theory are as varied as the nuances attached to each hue, the […]

By Tim Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 10: Making Your Mark

There is some conjecture on the exact origin of branding; Ancient Egyptian tombs portray the branding of oxen and cattle which would date it BC, and the word brand itself is derived from an ancient Norse word, “brandr”, meaning fire or to burn. This meaning has remained constant throughout the centuries, with the literal definition […]

By Sandy Jurewicz in Design

Designer’s Block

On my journey to becoming a graphic designer, no one ever told me how difficult it would be to stay creative all day every day. Some days things just work and the ideas flow faster than you can scribble them down; other days you find yourself researching concepts and ideas with no creative light bulb […]

By JAZ Creative in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 9: JAZ Hands

They say a king cannot rule his country without an army, and an army without its men. The same goes for a business, where the clues that give away its success are often hidden within the people who, in their own individual way, make up the very important pieces of a much larger puzzle.

By Deanna Varkanis in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 8: The Evolution of Marketing

The history of marketing dates back centuries, perhaps even light years: ever since people have had something to sell, there has been a need to put it in front of an audience. From the simple days of the physical marketplace, to the heavily digitalised world of e-commerce, over time the notion of buying and selling […]