By Melissa Arias in Marketing

Social Media Game Changers in 2018

Facebook and Instagram have both rolled out new updates that alter the way content reaches users. Facebook’s newest update completely changes a users’ news feed and is expected to decrease overall reach of all business pages’ content on this platform. As we also experience updates to Instagram algorythms, we are focusing on alleviating the positives. […]

By Melissa Arias in Digital,Marketing

Your Brand Identity in 2018

Digital marketing is multi-faceted, fast paced and will only get more in-depth as technology continues to evolve. The best thing businesses can do, is ascertain what channels are the most important to their brand, and communicating with their target audience.  

By JAZ Creative in Marketing

How to Bump Up Your Business on Google

Much more than a forum for retracting information, Google has transformed the way we connect with businesses globally. More often, consumers are researching products and asking more questions; leaving business’ all trumping for the best way to get noticed. Think about it, what’s the first thing you hear someone say when they are referred to […]

By Tim Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 25: Che sarà, sarà

It all began  9,125 days, 1,300 weeks, 300 months, a quarter of a century ago when armed with a second hand Apple Ilcx Mac and a passion for design I started JAZ.  It was no easy feat, especially in the midst of the “recession we had to have” and in a city as isolated as […]

By Zoe Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 24: The Future of JAZ

As the 25-year weekly blog enters its final stages, it provides a great opportunity to reflect on the future of JAZ as we move into our next chapter as a Perth small business. With an ever-changing environment in terms of technology, economy and lifestyle, it’s important that small businesses remain versatile, multi-skilled and adaptable in […]

By JAZ Creative in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 23: Let’s Get Social

As many of our clients would know, the team at JAZ are not shy when it comes to sharing our passion for multi-channeled marketing, in particular using one of the 21st century’s greatest gifts – social media – to shake up the digital landscape, and simultaneously shake off the myth that in order to be […]

By Tim Langford-Smith in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 22: Passion in Every Pixel

What is passion and what does it look like? Passion is the difference between playing the piano and being the pianist, it’s who you are not just what you do. Passion is what makes you leap out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day. Put more simply it’s what you love. Dr […]

By Sandy Jurewicz in JAZ - 25 years

Chapter 21: How to find your passion

This week we turned within and had a chat to our resident designer Sandy. Sandy has had an underlying passion for all things design since she was a little one, and we thought it would be great to share her reflections on incorporating what you love and what you do! When did you first realise […]