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Social Isolation “To do” list

1. Stay Connected Now more than ever your customers want to hear from you! They want to know how you are, how your business is and how they can help. Communicate with them regularly, present ways in which they can support an engage with you. Use mail chimp, social media or pick up the phone […]

Why do you need to keep Wordpress up-to-date
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What’s the deal with WordPress updates?

Question… You login to your WordPress dashboard and see all of those little red numbers in circles in your menu, what do they mean? Answer… Those little numbers indicate that there is a new version of Wordpress available, or a plugin that you have installed has a newer release ready to be activated. The REAL […]

Internet explorer is not a supported browser
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We’re done Exploring…

Let’s step back in time, to 2013… 2013 was the first year that smartphones outsold regular mobile phones – you know, the ones that just made phone calls?  The smartphone of choice was the Samsung S4 or for  Apple enthusiasts, iPhone 5C or 5S using iOS 7.0.  2013 was also the last time a new […]

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What’s Your Social Media Strategy?

In the beginning, social media was known as a platform for personal expression and networking but that soon evolved to what it is today- a small digital world for everyone and anyone to communicate whatever they want. So you’ve set up all your social accounts and you’re posting what you can, when you can. Where […]

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The Importance of Design from a Young Perspective

Design. The basis of invention, structures, products, advertising, development, ideas, creativity and basically everything. It’s threaded through almost everything in our modern world, despite most of us walking straight past and not giving it a second thought – it surrounds us whether we realise it or not. Design manipulates how we see, feel and react […]

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Marketing to Digital Savvy Generation Z

The millennial generation is past, we sure learnt a lot of from them, and they were blamed for everything wrong with the society. There is a generational switch as the Millenials get older and now a younger consumer base, Generation Z is on the horizon. Long live the Millenials! A lot has been made of, […]

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The Evolution of Marketing

We are eager to share with you this month’s blog, written by our Managing Director, Tim Langford-Smith, on the progression of Marketing over the last 25 years and our evolution in delivering strategic creative solutions. Discover the story of how JAZ Creative came to be and how we continually keep ahead of the game.