Why do you need to keep Wordpress up-to-date
By JAZ Creative in Digital

What’s the deal with WordPress updates?

Question… You login to your WordPress dashboard and see all of those little red numbers in circles in your menu, what do they mean? Answer… Those little numbers indicate that there is a new version of Wordpress available, or a plugin that you have installed has a newer release ready to be activated. The REAL […]

Internet explorer is not a supported browser
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We’re done Exploring…

Let’s step back in time, to 2013… 2013 was the first year that smartphones outsold regular mobile phones – you know, the ones that just made phone calls?  The smartphone of choice was the Samsung S4 or for  Apple enthusiasts, iPhone 5C or 5S using iOS 7.0.  2013 was also the last time a new […]

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Understanding SEO in 2018

SEO might seem a bit overwhelming to small businesses, with new algorithms and “need-to-know” rules introduced in what feels like every week! There are a few fundamentals when it comes SEO and in 2018, the following SEO tools are a MUST to keep ahead of competitors.

By Melissa Arias in Digital,Marketing

Your Brand Identity in 2018

Digital marketing is multi-faceted, fast paced and will only get more in-depth as technology continues to evolve. The best thing businesses can do, is ascertain what channels are the most important to their brand, and communicating with their target audience.  

By Brock Atkinson in Digital

What Every Website Needs

Websites need… Technically, only a couple of core components are required for a fully functional website. When we explained what websites do, it included a brief discussion about how we require the combination of a correct technological implementation alongside creative content. This article is a continuation of that, but specific to the absolute barebone essentials of a basic website.

By Brock Atkinson in Digital

What Websites Do

Since the first website went online in 1991, the internet has proliferated to such a level where it has been absorbed into nearly every single industry across Earth. At the time of writing this article, there are more than a billion individual web sites being queried several billion times every single day, spanning some trillions […]

By Tim Langford-Smith in Digital

If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Interesting

If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Interesting Like it or not, the world has gone mobile. We are well past the mobile web browsing to desktop tipping point, as it’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing is important; we know it is. Instead, it’s a question of understanding how consumers behave when […]