WA Primary Health Alliance

Year in Review Animation

The WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) needed a infographic explainer video to help demonstrate the achievements of the organisation in the past year.

With a client supplied script, JAZ developed this video including all graphics and animation, and sourcing and managing the voiceover talent to the client’s specifications.

The result is a video just under 4 minutes in length, with 5 seperate breakout clips for the key business areas.

Our 5 Step Animation Process






On brand & on time

JAZ has worked with WAPHA since its inception in 2015 when we designed the organisation’s logo. Our knowledge of the brand and adherence to the brief enabled us to create a distinctly WAPHA product, without being too derivative or predictable.

Due to the time critical nature of this project, we worked within some extremely tight timeframes. The finished product was delivered to the client ahead of schedule.

Satisfaction guaranteed

“Fantastic” “very pleased”… not our words, but our client’s.

Why explainer videos?

Explainer videos are a great way for businesses and organisations to cut through the confusion that many customers face.

These short, cost-effective videos are a vibrant and engaging way to explain the key benefits of your product or service.

Video is such an effective medium because it engages the audience with both audio and visual stimulus. Studies have shown that audio alone results in around 10% of information retention, however when audio and visual are combined, this jumps to an amazing 68% retention.

Other studies have revealed that people who view a web video are 64% more likely to make a purchase. They also on average stay two minutes longer on your website.