Finder Energy

ASX Compliant Website.

Successful oil and gas explorer Finder Energy needed an ASX compliant website to support their recent IPO.

JAZ designed and developed a fresh and dynamic website design that would seamlessly adapt to the three upcoming phases in Finder’s development; pre-IPO, during-IPO and post-IPO.


Live ASX feeds

Using a WebLink dynamic data link, the website is automatically fed with the latest data and documents from the ASX. This includes share price, announcements, reports and corporate presentations, all fed to the website in realtime as they are uploaded to the ASX portal.

This dynamic link means that investors are always kept up to date and saves the client having to upload documents in multiple locations.

Concise Content.

One of the challenges was to make it easy to access the information on each of the permits, whilst minimising the number of clicks to obtain this information. The solution was to set up the permits as tabs on the page so you could reference the location of each on the overall project map, whilst accessing the key information on each without having to leave the page.

The tab format allows for a greater user experiencing making it quicker to obtain the information on each permit whilst easily moving between permits to compare details.