About JAZ

And all that JAZ…

At JAZ we pride ourselves on creating a culture that welcomes ideas, provides a good balance between business and pleasure, and establishes an environment in which we encourage our team to think not just outside the box – but around corners, too – and be able to express themselves freely. Not only is this a great way to ensure our growth both personally and professionally, but it also keeps our active and creative minds happily fulfilled throughout our work.

Here’s what we can tell you about working at JAZ:

  • We have a wonderful working environment, in an awesome location
  • We respect everyone’s skills, values, opinions and experience
  • We work hard – really hard! (but still have fun)
  • We love what we do; we are passionate and find new challenges exciting
  • We’re proactive, not reactive
  • We drink great coffee
  • We love cupcakes, and a cheeky wine on Friday afternoons!