Cameron Macmillan STUDIO MANAGER

Zoe Langford-Smith GENERAL MANAGER

Jean-Marc Aliphon


Managing Director

Tim is the founder and powerhouse behind JAZ , as well as the motivating force and inspiration for the rest of us with his tireless energy, philosophic outlook, and hard-working attitude.

Over the last 20 years Tim has worked on a multitude of projects that he finds it difficult to actually pick a favourite. One recent job that comes to mind was working as a part of the bid team involved in getting the Super 14 rugby franchise for Perth. Being in the club rooms when the decision was announced was a real buzz!

He brings integrity, honesty, and understanding gained through experience, as well as a level-headed ability to deal rationally and calmly with difficult situations. Tim is passionate about good coffee, good wine, branding and strategic thinking, and loves the ‘big picture’ stuff. (We guess the ability to think big is the reason why he’s the boss…!)


Studio Manager

Jumping onboard with JAZ in early 2015, Cam brings a lifelong passion for illustrating, creating and all things design.

Cam has a Bachelor of Creative Industries in Graphic Design in conjunction with a mountain of software and technical knowledge. Cam is a self-confessed design nerd with over 15 years experience as a designer.

Cam is passionate about branding and has exceptional skills in drafting and formatting complicated maps. Stepping into a senior role at JAZ has been a tranquil process for Cam as he is proactive, thorough and has great attention to detail. Cam is committed to the design industry and harvests excellent client relationships to ensure he hits the nail on the head in all his projects.

Outside of office hours, Cam is a passionate volunteer, committee member and past President of Fremantle Sea Rescue. For the past thirteen years cam has spent his weekends on the high seas, saving lives and helping those in need.



Bringing an infectious enthusiasm, mountains of lists and an impeccable dress sense is Tim’s daughter – the “Z” of JAZ – Zoe. This ambitious protégé has an impressive corporate marketing history.

Zoe joined JAZ in 2013 after working in local government and education. Years of a strong marketing focus across a range of disciplines, has positioned Zoe as our marketing powerhouse. Zoe has a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Management as well as a Masters in Marketing and Management innovation.

Zoe filled the role of General Manager at JAZ before recently taking maternity leave to focus on her young family whilst still maintaining her commitment and involvement to the family business.

With a wealth of knowledge in strategic marketing, branding, social media, events, project management, community engagement, sponsorship and copywriting, Zoe is driven to create successful marketing strategies for clients.

Apart From JAZ, Zoe is busy with her young family including her fur baby Charlie along with running and managing her candle business May Makers.