Let’s step back in time, to 2013…

2013 was the first year that smartphones outsold regular mobile phones – you know, the ones that just made phone calls?  The smartphone of choice was the Samsung S4 or for  Apple enthusiasts, iPhone 5C or 5S using iOS 7.0. 

2013 was also the last time a new version of Internet Explorer was released.

Since then there have been more than 10 newer models for iPhone, too many to count for Samsung Galaxy, and there isn’t a regular mobile phone in sight! Most households have a smart TV, our cars and household appliances are being hooked up to the internet, challenging developers with a multitude of digital platforms to cater for.

The real challenge for developers however, isn’t so much these exciting new devices and applications, but something from the past – Internet Explorer.  Anyone using Windows 8 (or older) still has the option of Internet Explorer with newer Windows operating systems using the updated Edge.  Internet Explorer users surprisingly still account for 6% of all internet users.

Technology years are like dog years, which effectively makes Internet Explorer practically prehistoric.

So if you are in that 6%, here are five really good reasons why you should say goodbye to Internet Explorer (IE) forever…

  1. There are much better free options available – download the Chrome or Firefox browsers for a much easier and far more user-friendly web experience.

  2. Not all internet browsers are created equal. There are web standards in place that IE simply doesn’t follow, meaning that you are not getting the best experience if you are using that program. Websites will not look as they should or operate in the way they were created to do so.

  3. It is potentially unsafe.  Bugs are not always fixed as reported, they are subjected to a time schedule rather than an “as needed” schedule leaving users and their private information vulnerable.

  4. It’s slow!  Why pay extra for high-speed internet when you’re using a slow speed browser?  When compared to other browsers, users report IE takes nearly twice as long to load the same content.

  5. Even its creators don’t recommend you use IE.  Yes that is correct, IE is only recommended for testing legacy sites. Legacy sites are really old sites, in case you were wondering.

Have I convinced you yet? If so then download either Chrome or Firefox now and start “Smart” browsing.

Download Chrome

Download Firefox