Design. The basis of invention, structures, products, advertising, development, ideas, creativity and basically everything. It’s threaded through almost everything in our modern world, despite most of us walking straight past and not giving it a second thought – it surrounds us whether we realise it or not. Design manipulates how we see, feel and react to almost anything. The design of everything has been considered and constructed by designers in order to provoke a certain emotion or reaction from you. It helps to spread unique messages through the entire world – its effect is universal.

But you may question this. You may think, is it really significant? Do we really need it?

Enter me and my humble but slightly biased opinion. I, Ashley, at the ‘young and fresh’ age of fifteen, am a West Australian high school student who is really passionate about design. I’ve spent the past week at JAZ Creative for work experience (having/have had a wonderfully great time, thank you!!) and was asked to write a blog post for them about the importance of design in the world, and if, at my age of fifteen, consider it to be of any significance, and if I personally believe it holds any real importance. Is it really necessary? Or can it just be phased out?

Here’s my view for you. Prepare, I’m about to get overly passionate. That happens sometimes.

My question for you: what and where would the world be without design?

Well, in my humble (actually, not-so-humble) opinion, the answer is nothing and nowhere. Everyone, and I mean everyone, no matter their age, race, gender etc., is influenced by design, whether they recognise it or not. The subtle power it has is incredible, and this may be irrelevant, but the process is pretty damn fun if you ask me. I discovered Adobe Illustrator this week (again, thank you so much JAZ, I’m so grateful) and wow. It. Is. Awesome. I could spend all day following tutorials. But anyway, back to the point. Without design, our world would be bland. Where’s the creativity, the imagination, the uniqueness? We need design. And I mean need.

It has the ability to change the world; it leads us and directs us. It empowers people. It creates and spreads messages, sometimes really crucial messages. It expands our minds, allows us to experiment and learn. It influences our opinions and us as people. It brings positive change. It is subtle and sometimes unnoticeable but its power is pretty damn incredible. It may only be present in a few, small, seemingly insignificant things at one time that at first don’t seem to have any impact, but they all build up to create a large-scale effect. Or, maybe, design just persuades you to buy that brand of apple juice. But maybe, it can do more.

I may be a bit biased because I’ve spent the past week in an awesome, creative hub and really love design, but it is truly amazing. It can have such a wide and universal impact that may seem small at first but can end up bringing a lot of positive change into a world where it is much needed. It is a necessity in this world – I hope and pray that it doesn’t get lost and discarded. We need creativity. We need individuality. We need design. Think of the change it could bring. Think of the future. Think of the hope.

So, design is kind of important, isn’t it?

Ashley Orr