SEO might seem a bit overwhelming to small businesses, with new algorithms and “need-to-know” rules introduced in what feels like every week! There are a few fundamentals when it comes SEO and in 2018, the following SEO tools are a MUST to keep ahead of competitors.

Understanding SEO in 2018

Short and Sweet vs. Worth the Read

No one likes reading lengthy articles that are irrelevant and waste time, so most people skim through and find what they need right of the mark. Keep your users in mind when writing and if your content is valuable and easy to follow, users will spend the time.

Search engines favour web pages that are lengthier, so provide quality, lengthy content that is easy to follow with sub-headings and imagery. Although you are writing more, keep your content in line with key messages and search terms targeted.

Are Your Web Users First Priority?

Basically, why is your website live? For your users. Don’t lose sight that your website users are your number one priority as search engines haven’t forgotten either. Consider site speed, performance on mobile and quality of content. All will contribute to your rankings. Are you communicating what your users want?

Use Google, to Improve Your Performance on Google.

Regardless of your business’ size, we all appreciate the importance of being on Google and front of mind for our customers. Take control of what people are reading about on your Google business listing and optimise your Google My Business account. You can discover how here.

Does Google Featured Content Affect SEO?

If you have searched for the answer to a question recently on Google, you may have discovered the competitive new feature in which Google attempts to answer questions directly, rather than just linking you through to other web pages. For this reason, many content marketers are suggesting re-arranging headings as questions.

We suggest creating sub-headings within your content, that re-arrange your overarching theme to become a question that users may search. Most importantly here – If your content gets featured, you get increased traffic to your site.

What are Meta Descriptions?

If you don’t want to be ignored by search engines, don’t ignore meta descriptions. Provide clear indication to the reader and search engine on what your page is about. Search engines will show meta descriptions as the ‘snippet’ underneath a link to your web page, when your description contains that particular search phase.

Does My Website Really Need SSL Certification?

Last year, we identified the importance of ensuring your website is using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that provides a secure, validated connection on your website. An SSL Certificate ensures your business is authentic and encrypts all data to and from your website. Search engines are favouring websites that have SSL Certification – learn more on our blog explaining the entire process, here.

Should I Have Video Content on my Website?

We’re seeing more and more that not only are videos best for users, they may favourably affect your search ranking potential. Video performs best on social media, so there is no reason to wait to convert your content to video!

Need Web Support?

At JAZ, we have recognised the underlying importance of ensuring your web site is optimised for SEO; driving the RIGHT traffic to your website to meet your goals. We have carefully selected Yoast as the optimal performance guide to making websites SEO friendly. Get in touch if you would like to know more about the strategic marketing services we deliver for our clients.