Digital marketing is multi-faceted, fast paced and will only get more in-depth as technology continues to evolve. The best thing businesses can do, is ascertain what channels are the most important to their brand, and communicating with their target audience.


1. Visual

Rather than just simply a good look, your branding and stationary should reflect your core business messages. Think about what you would like to tell your key customer, and if your visual appearance ticks any of these boxes.

Be consistent with your brand, ensuring colours and fonts used on material like print collateral and emails, are consistent. Each of these separate channels, collectively create your brand identity in the eye of your customer. Businesses which adopt clean and clear branding aptitudes, are better received by customers; less confusion, stronger impression and increased value perception.

2. Social Media

Social media is a missed marketing opportunity for many. Over a Third of People in Australia Are Checking Social Media 5 Times a Day and you might be thinking, a third sounds about right.. but when we consider how many Australians are actually active on social media (17 billion on Facebook and 5 billion on Instagram) – that’s a lot.

You need to be where your customers are, and social media is the most important channel for consumers connecting with brands. 64% of consumers say that they are more likely to trust a brand if they interact with consumers in a positive way on social media (Sensis Social Media Report, 2017. If you’re simply not part of the conversation, your customers will choose a business that is.


Facebook is key for every business as it is the highest used social media channel and provides the best opportunity to both communicate your brand and reach a large audience. Many users now will search for a business on Facebook over Google, and to them, if it isn’t on Facebook, it isn’t trustworthy. Through Facebook users subconsciously perceive ideas and attitudes, highly regarding reviews and positive interactions.

Linked In

Treat your businesses Linked In page like a formal business listing. It should have a clear overview of what your business entails, your display image should be an easy to spot logo and your cover photo should best portray your capabilities in high quality. Content on this platform, should be shared as though it were a subject in a client email campaign; formal and precise, as you will presumably be interacting with your clients and potential customers.

Many do not take advantage of Linked In’s feature to display jobs. If you are on the hunt for entry level or prestigious management positions, Linked In provides a pool of candidates with specified qualifications.


Quickly following behind Facebook for its popularity, Instagram is a platform for creative and engaging content. With live stories and 24hour stories, brands are creating invaluable relationships with their audience. It is important to have a clear strategy for Instagram, as with millions of users, it is easy to be left behind through all the noise.

3. Email Marketing

Keep the conversation going with your clients, and send monthly newsletters to your database. Ensure you provide valuable content, project updates and keep your entire format visually appealing. You want your email to stand out, among the many you estimate your clients would receive in a day. If you can provide interesting emails to your clients, you will stay back of mind for future works, and be continually building trust.

And Finally,

Ensure you understand where your target audience is, how your competitors are communicating with them, and how you can best offer value to these individuals. Put this down into a digital marketing strategy and develop an identity for your brand.

Part of the reason why people don’t see the ROI for social media, is because they don’t understand its application. It’s our purpose to help you understand how to best position yourself to achieve your businesses goals. If you haven’t already, view our Services and understand our pledge to be the best gate keepers in our clients’ identities.