As the 25-year weekly blog enters its final stages, it provides a great opportunity to reflect on the future of JAZ as we move into our next chapter as a Perth small business.

With an ever-changing environment in terms of technology, economy and lifestyle, it’s important that small businesses remain versatile, multi-skilled and adaptable in order to survive. JAZ has used this information as a foundation to the multilevel marketing approach we adopt, overcoming the challenges of today to ensure sustainability into the future.

Since joining JAZ in 2013, it’s been a privilege for me to see the growth of the marketing offering in our business. Marketing has always been an important element of what we do and in my early days, I watched Tim manage a few custom accounts that were of his choosing. Today our marketing team and service offering has grown; it is diverse yet specialised, customer orientated, and above all innovative.

The beauty of marketing is that it’s at the very core of everything we do as a business, as without clients or customers there really is no business to be done. It’s about having a strategic plan to deliver the desired outcomes of the business objectives, coupled with passion and our own sense of creativity that sees goals realised and achieved every single day. Marketing filters throughout all areas of business, and in our case especially through to design and web development.

As we journey forward and pave the way for other small businesses to follow, I am excited and constantly motivated by the opportunity that marketing brings to our business. Specialising in social media management – in particular the need for risk management that comes alongside it– has opened our eyes to each of the incredible opportunities and functionalities that are available in the digital sphere.

The digital opportunities are boundless and important for not just our business, but also for every small business to tap into. Recently our marketing team has been working closely with Google to undertake our training to become Google certified and to be registered as a Google partner, and we are excited to see what we can achieve with this under our belt.

Alongside the digital evolution the world of traditional marketing remains one that’s ever-changing, with the importance of content relevance, advances in the mechanisms behind segmenting a target market, and the power of people in particular acting as an influencer across both digital and traditional channels.

A passion of mine since my teenage years, I can confidently say the world of marketing has yet to be fully explored; to us the earth is still flat and I can’t wait to keep exploring.

When I joined JAZ, marketing was just one of its passions and service offerings. For our family owned and operated business the world is our oyster, just as it was 25 years ago when Tim started off with a Mac and a dream. JAZ has so much potential and is definitely one to watch in the next 25 years.

In my last blog in this 25-year chapter, one of the most important messages I have to say is thank you. Thank you to our incredibly passionate, skilled and dedicated staff (current and past). It’s an absolute honour to come to work each day and be surrounded by such a wonderful group of people. You are what makes JAZ what it is today, and I am so proud to work alongside each of our team members.

The grand finale is a heartfelt thank you to all of our clients. You have trusted us to be apart of your businesses and that’s the biggest honour of all! For believing in our business and for helping us reach this milestone of 25 years, I say thank you, it’s been a blessing.