As many of our clients would know, the team at JAZ are not shy when it comes to sharing our passion for multi-channeled marketing, in particular using one of the 21st century’s greatest gifts – social media – to shake up the digital landscape, and simultaneously shake off the myth that in order to be a successful business one needs to be ‘big’… and with a budget to match.

In recent years we’ve witnessed the incredible impact social media has had on not only our industry, but also on those you might least expect. From corporate powerhouses to your local coffee shop, tech hubs, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, the beauty of social media is that there is no one defining power or ‘Eureka!’ moment that owes to its success, but rather, each and every one of us is given equal opportunity to both get our start, and leave our mark.

From Facebook for Business to Instagram, YouTube, MailChimp and more, the opportunities are endless when it comes to taking your marketing to the next level. Each of these platforms provide a different avenue through which your brand can entice, inspire, create and convert, using a combination of online tools, creativity, and a clever team who’ve got your back. And of course, while it might seem like having social smarts is the bread and butter of marketing today, there still is a right way to doing it ‘right’, and a need for strategy no matter what.

We’ve put together our Top 3 reasons for why social media is dominating the digital world (and why we love to be a part of it), one #hashtag at a time.

Brand Recognition: Think of social media networks as the channels behind your brand’s voice. In our digitalised world where content is king, what you publish online has the ability to boost your presence and accessibility almost instantly, making it easier for you to be present, stay relevant, and become more familiar to customers over a shorter period of time.

Brand Loyalty: Reputation and reliability often go hand in hand when it comes to improving your brand’s loyalty. Businesses who engage with social media – both big and small – have the ability tap into a whole wide world of resources, networks, audiences and opportunities simply by engaging with their customers on platforms that, at their most simplest, are designed to help you ‘connect’. Alongside this idea of connectedness comes trust; that, as a process can be nurtured and incorporated into how we build relationships and loyalty for our brands. Trust is essential when building your business from scratch, and honouring it throughout the years of your success.

Brand Conversions: Showing consistency throughout your social media strategies is one of the fundamental elements of becoming influential online, and converting your growing audience into loyal customers. Every post you make or image you share on social media is an opportunity to speak to your customers, put out your own ‘truth’, and ultimately encourage the browsers to become the buyers. When you build a following you’ll not only have access to new customers, but also those who were with you from the very beginning, allowing these people to share in your journey and celebrate your achievements every step of the way.

Much like where JAZ finds itself now (25 years later!) social media as a tool of multi-level marketing allows you to naturally create a network of relations, reactions, and reasons for which you will want to stay connected. Every blog post, image, video, or comment you share is a chance for someone to react, and every reaction could lead to a visit to your website, a sale on your online store, email enquiry or simply a positive review. In a time where word of mouth and influencer marketing is growing in trend, every positive interaction is not only a gold star for your brand, but it also increases the likelihood of an eventual conversion. Even if your click-through rates are low, the sheer number of opportunities you have on social media is significant.

The other side of social media sees a door open to the possibility of putting your brand at risk, due to the simple reality of exposing yourself to a global and ever-changing platform. Being able to manage the unknown risks as well as the anticipated ones and effectively implement a proper strategy is equally as important to the content you create. Having a balance between what you post, share, and engage with is also key; the key to keeping yourself accountable, responsible and risk-free, as well as achieving an authentic voice and organic reputation.

Yet more than just a tool of multi-level marketing, the impact and benefits of social media are at perhaps their most significant, due to its element of humanisation. The fact that brands and businesses alike become more humanised by interacting in the social sphere is a key insight as to why the trend has potentially lasted as long as it has. It’s natural to gravitate to the relatable, to feel genuinely a part of something or to feel ‘important’. The reach of social media alone is incredible when you consider the billions of people who jump online daily, the myriad of apps and resources that exist to make this space more accessible, and the immediate sense of action you feel the moment you hit the publish button. No longer is it enough to stick to one kind of marketing strategy; it’s important to grow alongside the changing landscape of our industries and jump on board the opportunities that present themselves to us. It all comes down to you, and by you we mean us too! Social media is a place where brands can be themselves, just like people, and this is where you’ll find you can truly shine.