What is passion and what does it look like?

Passion is the difference between playing the piano and being the pianist, it’s who you are not just what you do. Passion is what makes you leap out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day. Put more simply it’s what you love.

Dr Robert Vallerand of the University of Quebec has spent years researching passion and asserts that passion is self-defining. According to Dr Vallerand, “Passion is a strong inclination towards a self-defining activity that people love, that they consider important, and in which they devote significant amounts of time and energy.”

Galileo stated that; “Passion is the genesis of genius.”

So what does passion look and feel like? A great way to understand passion is to consider what makes passionate people different from everybody else. Some common characteristics of passionate people are;

Passion comes in all shapes and sizes and the subject of the passion, can at times, be less important than the self-defining activity of being passionate. For example, you can be passionate about typography, and while it’s not perceived as life changing nor earth shattering, the activity of being passionate is very important.

Researchers studied 187 musicians and found that those focused on perfecting their performance developed a higher level of expertise than those who focused merely on being better than other musicians. Therefore, if passion is self-defining then your personal best will be about you and no one else. Elite athletes talk about their Personal Best or PB, which is their primary focus, making a comparison to others redundant.

The tag line or positioning statement we have of “passion in every pixel” was a way to express the passion for what we do and be inclusive of everyone in the studio, as at some point we all work in pixels. Pixel is also symbolic of the individual cells that make up the very fibre of our being.

Our desire at JAZ is to seek out other passionate people and build a community that will inspire, motivate and drive change. It’s about bringing energy to create a positive environment and a vision that will awaken and influence others. It’s all about passion.

Passion has help guide us through the journey over the last 25 years. It ignites the fire within that drives us year in year out. No matter what shape or form the passion is, I strongly believe it will bring opportunity and open the door to success.

Do you have enough passion in your life?

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