One of the most dreaded questions a designer will be asked is, “what do you do”? The simple answer would be, “I am a Graphic Designer”, but the reality is, backed by the blank look you get, most people don’t know what a graphic designer actually does.

Add into the mix strategic marketers, social media specialists, web developers and programmers, you have another level added to the mystic of what a design and marketing studio does.  We often say that it is easier for us to tell you what we don’t do rather than what we do.

For us no two days are the same; sure there is a degree of monotony in any job, but it is the diversity of what we do and the not knowing of what’s around the corner that fuels the fire. Even within the creative industry there are considerable differences between studios in the style and manner of work they do.

This week we thought we would open the lid on the creative box and give you a glimpse into what a so-called ‘normal’ day here at JAZ is.

7.45am – Tim usually arrives in the office, turns on the lights, heaters, opens the blinds and more importantly turns on the coffee machine!

8.15am – all the crew is on deck! We collectively spend the next half an hour or so to update our diaries, respond to all our emails, plan our workload, and grab our first coffee fix of the day.

9.00am – Zoe gathers the troops and runs a quick stand up meeting. This idea was originally implemented by Tim, as he wanted to introduce a way of offering a quick run-down of projects, deadlines and resourcing in a more interactive manner, so the whole team at JAZ, often including consultants and visitors – it doesn’t matter who is with us! – jumps up out of their chairs and participates in ‘stand up’.

9.15am – Our stand up meeting concludes, work has been allocated, and everyone is motivated to start their working day.

9.30am – Tim heads off to the first meeting of the day, Nicole hosts a web training session in the board room.

9.45am – Cam sets up a display in the board room to photograph a new range of products for the shopping cart on a website.

10.00am – A drop-in client visit. Deanna meets and greets and assists with all the client’s needs. The team love when clients drop in and are proud to show of work samples.

10.30am – Second hit of coffee, grab a cookie, and Deanna finishes off a social media strategy.

11.00am – Print proof arrives from one of our trusted printers. Tim, Sandy, and Cam review and mark up changes.

11.15am – Zoe and Deanna break out into a quick brainstorming session regarding the new functionality of MailChimp and Instagram, and get across the best ways to enhance the recently launched features (internally and externally).

12.00pm – Cam heads to Lunch while Nicole works through some Tech support with our clients.

1.00pm – Sandy finishes off a design concept for a website, sends to Tim to review and heads off for some lunch.

1.15pm – An urgent job has come in for one of our mining clients, Cam is right onto it and manages the project management, operation, and client liaison.

1.30pm – Tim and Zoe have lunch in their office and catch up on the weekly workflow.

2.00pm – After lunch Sandy returns to whip out her watercolour pencils and draws some illustrations for a client, back to basics!

Zoe has a weekly meeting and is set up in the boardroom, Deanna assists with preparation.

3.00pm – Our wordsmith Deanna crafts together a catchy Instagram posts for JAZ and it goes live!

Tim heads out to a meeting.

3.30pm – Business cards arrive for one of Zoe’s clients, Cam checks through, and Zoe jumps in the car to deliver them by hand and have an impromptu catch up.

4.45pm – The marketing team post all social media posts for the day (stats show afternoon is the highest performing time for this month).

5.00pm – Tim’s back in the office, makes a late afternoon coffee and gets to work on our business accounts and budgets.

5.30pm – The team starts to all head home, with each person helping to shut down or close parts of the office on the way out.

6.00pm – Cam finishes up and sends out last proofs of the day via email, completes his timesheet, shuts down the office, put on the alarms, and closes the door to end another day.

For a graphic designer, aside from fresh ideas, good conceptual and design skills they need an intimate knowledge of complex software. They also need the ability to work with tight deadlines and come up with creative ideas and concepts in minutes. What drives designers is the diversity of work and the different challenges that get presented, as well as that little bit of adrenalin rush in not knowing what is around the corner!

The marketing team on the other hand work across a multitude of projects; they need to be ready to write content for a winery one minute, and a drilling company the next. The team spends a significant amount of their time monitoring and engaging in social media as well as identifying new opportunities for businesses. The phone runs hot in the marketing section, as the team works across a number of clients and hones in on their project management skills. The marketing team are true opportunists (in a good way) as they look to enhance strategey in business to achieve maximum results. They love to see their ideas and content come to life, and feel very lucky to work alongside such a talented design team.

Everyone who works at JAZ all say the same thing: there is so much diversity in the work we do, which is why it is hard to explain what we do!  You can be working on an illustration for a children’s book, then typesetting a corporate document, or make a PDF interactive, perhaps edit a video or be putting a marketing plan together, all in a day.

As we say, no two days are the same and the work is as diverse as the clients we work for. The mix of marketing and creative people in itself creates diversity, as each one brings a different talent and skill to the table.  The common thread that unites us all is creativity, which blends together the ideas whether in the visual form, strategy, or the written word.

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  1. Keep doing what you do well team. You’ve certainly added life into our marketing efforts which I’m sure is paying off for our business. A big thanks to all.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Glenn. You’re living proof as to the importance of having consistency in your marketing no matter how big or small.

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