As big believers in giving more than we take, among our favourite tidbits and tools we like to share are the ones that we create especially for you – our friends and clients – sans strings, and free of charge. They are the middle children of all our offerings: relatively independent, creative, never really in the spotlight, yet always our undisputed favourites.

Over time our hidden resources have grown in both frequency and size; from branded merchandise and ad hoc blog content, to monthly event guides, seasonal recipe books, yearly calendars and cards for national holidays, video series’, and more.

Each of the resources we create intends to showcase a different side to JAZ, one that goes beyond our love for strategic thinking and corporate design. Our studio is in fact made up of a broad range of coexisting personalities, each who shares a passion for all that Perth has to offer, for good food and healthy cooking, for creative ways to stay motivated and inspired, for organisational solutions and office additions, and most importantly for new ways in which we can share our interests and knowledge we’ve amassed over time.

So what have we got up our sleeve?


Recipe Collection

Each season the team at JAZ selects our favourite recipes to share with you all. Our creativity extends far beyond our desks and into the kitchen, where we showcase a more ‘tasty’ side to our talents, and leave you with instructions on how to make our favourite homemade dishes.


Yearly & Monthly Calendar Templates

Now you can grace the walls of your home or office with one of our 2017 calendars. Download and print in either a yearly format, or month by month. Our calendars make for that perfect desktop addition to plan your ahead and colour coordinate all that you have to do!


On the Red Couch

Stay tuned – we’ll be bringing this baby back all too soon. Featuring some of our much-loved and well-versed clients, our On the Red Couch video series takes the form of industry news, networking, and inspiration, right here at the JAZ studio (coffee in tow).


Blog Content

Aside from the weekly spiels and #throwbackthursdays we share here to count down our 25th year, did you know we publish monthly blog content on our mother ship? Divulging all that we know and love about content marketing, branding, graphic design, digital and the wide world of web, our blog space is the place to be to catch a sample of our writing and our thoughts on current industry trends.


What’s Going On in Perth?

Our monthly round up of the best food, art, lifestyle and music events coming to Perth. It is here you’ll catch us creatives on a Friday night or weekend – soaking up the culture and all that our humble city has to offer.


Creative Colour Sheets

Whether for festive holidays, special events, or simply a feel-good memento for yourself or the kids, our creative colour sheets make for the perfect mindfulness activity, any day of the week.


Custom Card Templates

In an age where the craft of DIY is going through resurgence, store-bought cards are doing little in the way of creative, thoughtful sentiments. Why not snap up one of our custom-made card templates, ready for you to print and fill out.



Working alongside brands we know and love has always been a strong focus for us at JAZ. From product launches to networking events, we thrive on sinking our teeth into an exciting new project and collaborating with our clients in the best way we know how. One that particularly stands was when we combined our design skills with our love for all things ‘red’ (think red logos… and red wine!) Teaming up with one of our longtime clients from Victory Point Wines we created unique labels exclusive to JAZ – ensuring our drop of choice had the look to match!