As we slowly start to chip away at our year in review, we thought we’d have a chat with someone who’s been a part of JAZ from the very beginning. A business partner, supplier, and long-time friend, Claude Merlino of Image Source has been involved in the Australian print industry for over 20 years, having established himself as a keen innovator, forward-thinker, and kindred creative.

Just as Tim briefly touched on in Chapter 1, the opportunity to start a graphic design business was first proposed by Claude many moons ago, and with the lure of youth and endless possibilities on his side, Tim jumped at the chance.


JAZ: What made you want to start a business all those years ago? Why with Tim?

C: My association with Tim goes back before JAZ, to the late 80’s. I have always appreciated Tim’s professional manner towards his work, and as a supplier to JAZ I am well positioned to observe his drive to achieve the very best outcomes for his valued clients.

JAZ: Having known Tim for 30 years, what has it been like to forge such a close relationship with him, and to see JAZ reach this milestone?

C: It has been amazing to see Tim and JAZ grow from small beginnings into one of WA’s leading Design & Marketing companies. This has been achieved by a lot of hard work over the years, from Tim and his dedicated team of professionals.

JAZ: What have you come to love most about JAZ over the years?

C: It would of course be their creativity, and the personal and professional manner that they’ve carried with them throughout.

JAZ: How have you seen the design industry change, and what are your hopes for the future?

C: I have seen the industry evolve from the days of cut and paste, bromides and film preparation, to the introduction of the first Mac Computer and digital cameras. From a time when transporting 44mb files on a transportable disc was revolutionary, to now where we download huge artwork files on the net, and our regular iPhones possess more capacity than the most powerful computers of the past. All this, since JAZ opened its doors. Amazing!

Lastly, what’s your poison of choice you’d like to share with us in August?

C: A nice Cab Sav would be the way to go!

The rest as they say, is history. Or in our case, history is still being written! Claude has been a remarkable friend and colleague of JAZ for over 25 years, and we feel privileged to have had him along for the ride.