The JAZ studio has over the years ventured far and wide, exploring foreign cities and sinking our teeth into the unknown. We have been fortunate to have had many opportunities present themselves and most importantly we have made new clients and friends in all corners of the globe.

As it goes, while Perth will always be our home, over the past 25 years we’ve been lucky enough to push our own boundaries – both literally and figuratively – to work on some excellent projects, in fascinating places. From deep in the heart of the Northern Territory to Montana and Morro Bay in the United States, East Timor, and the Russian island of Sakhalin, we’ve learned that the possibilities and experiences that come with them are truly only as endless as you let them be.

Great Gray Gifts

The largest jobs are not always the most memorable, and safe to say this notion rings true when we look back on our adventures in the US. Great Gray Gifts is a small gift shop in the heart of Mission Valley, Montana. Covered by a white wonderland of snow for the better half of the year, the gift shop is home to a quirky collection of artisan wares, one-of-a-kind pieces, coffee and collectables, and proudly displays the artwork we created for their brand just over a year ago. The iconic logo has since become a favourite among locals and tourists alike, and it’s been wonderful to see the journey and success of Great Gray Gifts grow from this side of the world.

But our ventures to the US don’t stop there. In 2014 we found ourselves in the waterfront town of Morro Bay, California, where we once again called upon our artistic endeavours to design a range of wine labels for the house wines of the Blue Sky Bistro.

By far the most unforgettable overseas project was the trip to East Timor, in order to capture the community work and involvement of Shell Development Australia in East Timor. At the time still under the watchful eye of the United Nations armed forces, this country was rich in history, culture and people.

Our role combined elements of photojournalism to capture the essence of East Timor, in particular The East Timor Roofing (ETR) Training Cooperative. Established by The Rotary Club of Doncaster and The Rotary Club of Melbourne, ETR is a roof manufacturing, repair and training company owned and managed by East Timorese in order to meet the then demands of a burgeoning local building market.

Our MD Tim got to travel the Island with photographer Roel Loopers, capturing the natural beauty, the people and importantly the work of ETR. Some 14 years later these images are as vivid and memorable as they were at the time.

Extending from our time with Shell, JAZ also had the opportunity to work on a number of interesting projects in the Asia-Pacific region, such as designing the annual reports for Russian powerhouse Sakhalin Energy, who are leading innovators in Russia’s oil and gas industry.

The work we do at JAZ is as interesting as it is diverse. Our passions and pursuits have taken us around the globe, and we feel fortunate to look back on just some of these experiences with fond memories, and an appreciation for all – and who – that have led us to where we are today.