The world of Web as we know it today is a cosmos of information – a virtual universe, some call it – that sees pages and pages created, embedded and linked together… housing everything from videos, words, photos, and even life in ‘real-time’, to offer an experience unlike any other.

The nuts and bolts behind it all is one that’s totally unique to the digital age, in which technology seemingly transformed the world over night, and changed the way we learn, create, and conduct business on both large and small scales. And for a portal that is constantly growing and adapting to suit the times, it’s bizarre to realise that the Web itself is still in its infant stages – only 25 years young. Much like JAZ, while we know where it started and how far it’s come, who knows where the digital age will take us next?

Creativity and Communication

During the time when Web came into play, JAZ had established itself as a design and marketing studio, and gotten into the groove of running a business too. The early years of the Web took us on a journey of learning to build and code (while crossing our fingers and hoping we pulled it off) before the design element naturally followed suit. Back then communication was solely reliant on conversation – real conversation – either on the telephone or face to face over a cup of coffee. And while this is still our preferred way of getting to know and work with our clients today, the novelty of ‘email’ soon provoked our curiosity, and the rest as they say, is history.

At the same time, however, this development wasn’t one that came overnight. Whereas now we might write and receive up to 50 emails a day, in the early 90s the anticipation of that dial-up “ding” – combined with the excitement of “1 New Message” that appeared in our inbox – was enough to whet our digital appetite, and embrace the boundless possibilities of what the Web would soon offer.

As with anything, the evolution of the digital age was largely dependent on technology, and of course the innovation and adaptability of the times. Not always was this portal as responsive as it is today – nor was it as simple for just anyone to update or even navigate themselves. Rather, the development of the Web for both internal purposes as well as a service is a unique and at times challenging journey, as it is still transitioning over time and through eras today.

Never one to let a challenge go by, we soon set about overcoming the number one hurdle – how you could update the website content yourself.  After much trial and tribulation our own Content Management System (CMS) Sitebox was born, and while today we take for granted the array of Content Management Systems on offer, back then they were complex, expensive and out of reach for ordinary folk. For a studio initially planted firmly in the design world, we like to think we’ve come a long way!

In the time span we have seen the Web evolve, many companies have come and gone, with one of the most noteable, Google, hitting the stage in 1998. Nineteen years later, today “googling” is now a verb in itself; one that has become almost second nature, as we can’t imagine life without our favourite search engine to help us find stuff on the web.

It’s exciting as we await the next instalment of the digital age with both a mixture of trepidation and awe, and even as we dive head first into the challenges and opportunities thrown at us, we’re just thankful that JAZ gets to grow alongside and within this space at all.